Arctic Freezer 64 & 7 Pro $20.44 & $21.52 Free Shipping

Free shipping this weekend!



Thanks for posting this useful information.

Its still working on monday. Just bought one to quiet down my noisy intel pentium fan.

I just used the AMD version, seems to be a very nice heatsink.

Nice price for those not OCing their processor and wants their CPU to run a few degrees cooler and quieter

Nice price for those that are OCing as well. :iagree: 3800+X2 @ 2.35ghz 45C with 100% load, FX-60 @ 2.90ghz 54C with 100% load. Both with ambient of 72F.

I agree :iagree: I have a 3600+X2 @2365MHz and the ambient is around 73F and the mobo is showing 37C and the CPU 42C in PC Probe. The box has been folding for days @ 100CPU usage on both CPUs.

The free shipping is gone as of right now. Shipping for me now would be $9.63 with the Arctic 64 @ $19.05

I only ordered 1 on Saturday , shoulda got at least 2 at that price. :a

I have the Freezer 7 pro on a heavily overclocked Core 2 Duo. This is one of the most effective cooling systems i’ve ever used and great value for money.

About a $.50 price increase from my original post but free shipping is back!

Free shipping is back again.

Thanks! Just ordered two 64’s for $21.00 each including shipping.

I ordered my #21.52 ARTIC FREEZER 7 PRO with free shipping.

Thanks for the tip. eWiz has set limit of 1 per customer. Thx

When I ordered mine I thought it was a special price but it seems the price is only bouncing up and down $.50 or so and the free shipping comes and goes. I’ve got 2 Freezer 64’s is reserve for new build/replacement.

These come with a 6 year warranty and a price at ewiz that can’t be beat :slight_smile: