Arcsoft problem or burner? Please help me!

I have Arcsoft Showbiz 2 and used it to burn home videos. I put chapters in it and I burned it. When it finished the video runs till about 5 minutes before the 3rd chapter and ends like it was the end and it returns to the menu. This isnt the first time this has happened and its costing me money because the Double Layer DVDs are not cheap. I tried to get help from the Arcsoft website, but it is the equivalent to trying to get the answer from my wall. My problem was not annonced on the FAQs and every time I tried to ask a question it would ask for my membership log in which I typed. It took me to the main page where I again would click on ask question and when I did it asked for my name and password again. They do not even give a contact number. I feel like i’m going nowhere. I still don’t know if this could be Arcsoft or my burner which is a HPdvd640. Please help me because I don’t know where else to go, and i’m sick of feeling like i’m throwing my money away with Double Layer DVDs that don’t work. Any help is appreciated.