Archos selling HD-mp3 in Europe

I just posted the article Archos selling HD-mp3 in Europe.

Just hit the shelves in several stores in Europe. It holds 6GB of data OR mp3. It’s programmeable, so that it can support more formats in the future, and it’s just to Plug it in your USB and voila,…

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And what’s the price of this thing? I’ve got a Creative DAP (aka Nomad) which also has a laptop HD of 6 GB in it. With the latest firmware, I can upload everything to it. It has more memory (8MB instead of 2MB) than the HD-MP3 and looks better imho.

Jukebox HD-MP3 Recorder 6GB MP3 Recorder / Player / USB Hard Drive Combo Ship Date: June 15, 2001 only $399.00…+ tax

Well Tafkap, it’s much much smaller, better looking and have a long lifetime.

I have the Phillips MP3 CD player, i bought it for only $100. I think I’;; stick with it for a while