Archos releases a large 80GB capacity portable Video/MP3 player

I just posted the article Archos releases a large 80GB capacity portable Video/MP3 player.

 Archos which is a well known MP3 Jukebox manufacturer have  released an 80GB Hard-drive based MP3/Video Jukebox.  Like the 20GB and 40GB versions of  its Archos AV300 series           ,...
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just a japtop

Man that’s great. Just other day I was thinking, jeez I wish I had an 80 gig mp3 player. I always hate it when I’m out and about and I run out of songs. Like my mp3 player always gets to like the 8000th song and it just stops, and I’m like damn, I wish I had more space. Or when I’m showing my 650000th photo and I’m like, crap I just didn’t have enough room for the one I really wanted to show you guys. And I’m really pissed when my portable movie is over with and I still have battery power. That really gets me.

This is more than a mp3/video player. It is also a portable harddrive. I have the 60GB version. I use to to transfers files around town and store 5 or 6 DVD movies on it at at time to watch on my TV. (it has video out). Plus my entire 26GB MP3 collection. The battery will last about 4 hours of video, so yes, you can watch two movies on it between charges.

That’s pretty cool.