Archos Minicdrw woes;

My first post…
Up till a week ago I used an HP cd-writer plus M820E for all of my writing needs. Lovely piece of equipment; SCSI pc-card, wrote at 4X, read at 16 or so. But a little long in the tooth and now it can’t reliably write at 4X. Ever tried writing at 2X or 1X? Fun if you’ve nothing better to do than watch your screen saver roll by for an hour or so…

So. Was time to replace. I located an Archos MiniCDRW 2si in my local seller’s catalogue, thought it looked ok… 16x write, 10x rewrite, 24x read. A quantum leap over the old faithful HP. And half the price! But I am gonna miss that SCSI card; the USB-2 card from Adaptec wasn’t free, either.

Then. The fun starts! The drive was a snap to install; connect a USB cable and off you go. Nero seemed to like it, although EAC needed Nero’s aspi driver in its directory to recognise it.
The very first disk I tried to write gave an unholy screech from the start to the end… even though it was only 6 minutes. Investigation revealed that a piece of metal in the drive was touching the raised ring on the disc; and my drive was full of plastic dust.

I had a couple more goes, ended up putting something heavy on top of it and that seemed to help, for a little while. But the noise wouldn’t go away completely, and it just got worse… until a disc wouldn’t spin, so the drive wouln’t recognise it, and wouldn’t unlock its electronic latch. It took a LONG time to get that disc out.

I had more of a look inside the drive, and found a burr on the metal inside that may have been the trouble. I removed that, and then noticed that the glue holding this metal to the case had let go, so this metal would eventually come up and hit the disc, no matter what.

About this time I realised I may have a dud CDRW on my hands.

I sent an email to Archos (no reply) and my seller agreed to take it back for warranty replacement.

I found at my seller a Plextor 24/10/40 USB, and as I’ve heard NOTHING bad about Plextors, decided to go for that instead. So the order’s in, I’m awaiting its arrival. I know it weighs a ton and isn’t the most portable thing in the world, but it’s a PLEXTOR; that pretty much sets my mind at ease.

So I’m looking forward to going from 4X write to 24X ; that’ll keep me happy for a while. And I’ve heard with the latest firmware that this Plextor will backup pretty much everything.

I’ll keep you posted if you want to hear more.



:bigsmile: Yeeeee-f–ing-Haaaa! The Plex arrived! I was expecting a 24/10/40u - I actually got a 40/12/40u. Life is good.
Seems the 2410 is obsolete so Harris Tech gave me the nearest available model. Although I wasn’t impressed that it arrived with no mains cable… I hadda pinch one off an old HP printer.
So far copied a couple of cd’s (just data , no copy protection) and it flies. Bit of a change from the old HP cd writer m820e with its max write of 4x. Now I just gotta find a use for the Adaptec ultra-scsi card…


:bow: Plex Rules! :bow: