Archos GMini XS200 small as an iPod mini 5 times the storage

I just posted the article Archos GMini XS200 small as an iPod mini 5 times the storage.

This thing has been in the works for a while, probably
ever since Archos delivered the big brother 400 model. Very small, with
a huge capacity of 20 gigs, this is a lot of music…

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Looks sweet. But are you sure about that retail price of $ 250.00? For a 20GB player? The iPod mini and its clones are all 4-5 GB at that price.

Nice… it’s about time the iPod got a run for it’s money.

mairj23- yep, or at least close to that. I see similar Archos models for less than that with 20 gig drives. i.e. Gmini220 for $235. Can’t sell these going for much higher. Plus, that’s what they say over at I4U.

While I do love my iPod Mini, this does seem to be some nice news. I really hate that you can’t do a lot of the things on the iPod that this device can do. Creating playlists on the go is very sweet and something I wish the iPod had.