Archos 605 WiFi Profile

I’ve created a Profile for the new Archos 605 WiFi PVP and DVDFab’s DVD to Mobile. So if your interested and have a 605 WiFi just unzip the attached file into the profiles directory where DVDFab is installed on your system. It will appear in the dropdown list under PVP the next time you load DVDFab.

I’ve tested this profile quite a bit and it works really well. Although I have added a lot of options for video and audio I found using 720x480 with 1500 video bitrate and 192 audio plays really nice on the 605. As alway experiment until you find the best setting for your needs.


Thanks, Greg. I can testify that you are our expert profile tweaker.:slight_smile: I have put this in my folder just in case Santa has an extra 605.

[QUOTE=signals;1945185]Thanks, Greg. I can testify that you are our expert profile tweaker.:slight_smile: I have put this in my folder just in case Santa has an extra 605.[/QUOTE]

Hey Signals,

I bought the Archos WiFi 160gb model a couple of months ago when they first came out and I could not be happier. I can put all my mp3’s on it and have room for nearly 100 movies. The avi’s I create using DVDFab and the profile above look and sound fantastic on the Archos 605.

If Santa was to bring you one I know you’d be happy :slight_smile:


Hmm…what am I doing wrong? I have DVDFab Plat and I copied to profiles directory but it doesnt show up in the UI…

Hi Grimal
It should show up in the drop down selector on the Configure page, but not in the navigation pane. It does for me, just below the 504/604. After you extracted and copied the xml file from the zipped folder can you see it in the Profiles folder with Windows explorer?

Thanks everyone. The response was quick. I am going to play around with this to see what will work best for me. I like to have the smallest files on my Archos so as to take up least amount of room but not so small that if I play them on my big screen tv that they look bad.


I’ve got the same problem as grimal up above. I put greg rockets 605 profile in the profile folder and don’t get it to show up in the dropdown.

It is weird because there are only two items available for selection in the dropdown, appletv and vob, even though there are probably 25-30 options for all kinds of different hardware in the profile folder.

I’m fairly sure I have the correct folder. I moved all the .xml files to a temp folder and when I went to the configure the appletv and vob were no longer options.

Anyone have a suggestion?


Not sure if you are entering the config properly but when you insert the DVD or File and browse to the folder and it does its check click on PVP on the right the you are given the option to click next on the bottom. The next screen has a configure option on the bottom, click that and at the top you have 2 pull down lists. The right list should give you a list of all the Archos players, etc. Let us know if this works.

Hi GregRocket,

I’m sorry for the delay at first.

Thank you very much for the profile, and it will be included in next release.

Best Regards,

Hey, just a quick question. If the Archos has 800x480 resolution, why does the profile .xml have 720x576 (which would not fit on the screen) as an accepted resolution and not 800x450 (which would fit on the screen)?


Just answered my own question. Because of the issue with square pixels vs. anamorphic pixels, the highest 16x9 resolution that can be played without an HD plugin is 720x405. If you add this res to the profile, you get absolute top quality picture and performance.

As I recall this screen size was added at the request of PAL users.