Archiving WAV files on CDR: Data CDR vs. WAV file?

I would like to archive some WAV files on CDR and from what I’ve read, the more robust error correction of computer data files suggests to me that this is a better option than simply burning a back-up audio CD.

Ideally, I would like to store copies of my WAV files as WAVs on a CDR formatted for use with my Windows XP Home computer. However, I can’t figure out how to do this.

My Nero program allows me to create data (ISO?) files, but Nero says it must convert the WAV into a CD-DA file to do so? Is there any change to the actual WAV file here, or is it simply the formatting of the blank CDR that is changed?

You use the wizard to make a new data cd and then drag your wave files into the nero window. I think Audio cd hold 800mb and Data cd 700mb so you might need to compress the wave files first with like a lossless audio compression or winrar or sumthin. Storing them as waves on a data cd is alot more reliable than burning them as cd audio.

have you thought about “lossless” compression of thos wav files such as shn, mkw, or ape? You can get more data onto a cdr and still be able to listen to the music off of the cd’s using the correct plugin for your media plaer.

afaik - you wont gain anything by doing this. audio cds are designed to have less error correction, because they dont need near as much. if a bit goes bad, can your ear really tell?

If he archives them as data cds he can be sure that when he copys them back they will be in perfect condition and if he compress them with like monkeys audio lossless compression he will probably be able to fit more on one cd.

best bet is to burn wave files. compressing files loses information.
Media is not that expensive if your files are valuable to you!:wink:

I would like to save back-up WAV files as unchanged WAV files on blank CDRs.

However, I don’t know how to format a blank CDR so that I can simply drag and drop WAV files (Nero requires me to create CD-DA data files).

Is there a function in Windows XP Home edition that allows this?

Just download Feurio! and burn with that. (If your burner is in the Feurio! list of compatible burners that is!) :wink:

Feurio can’t burn data CDs.

CDRs don’t need to be formatted in order to be burned. Just burn them without formatting them. Formatting is aimed at allowing partial erasure of CD-RW.

You mean to create an ISO CD ROM ? If Nero says that the files must be converted to the CD-DA format, it means that you asked for an Audio CD instead of a CD-ROM.

The kind of CD ROM compatible with Windows is CD-ROM (ISO), something that Nero didn’t find useful to state.

You can fit 65 min of CD-Quality Wav files on a 74 minutes CD, and 70 minutes on a 80 minutes CD, because, while the data is the same, burning a CD ROM use extra space to store error recovery information.

Lossless compression is lossless. Flac, Lpac, Monkeys Audio are examples of lossless codecs.

The advantage of burning wav files instead of audio CD is that you don’t need a secure ripper in order to detect read errors. With audio CD, if the CD gets damaged, a non-secure program will rip garbage and won’t tell you !

If you’re worried about data integrity, don’t store it on CDRs. CDR loose their data after a few years of storage. Storing reliably some digital data require an organized backup process, with regular checking. External hard drives is the media that seems the more suited for data backup.
Hard drive can die after a few years of use too, but it’s much easier to check and replace than CDRs.

I was under the impression from his first post that he wanted to keep the wav files as wav files not convert them to data.

Originally posted by nmpaulcp
I was under the impression from his first post that he wanted to keep the wav files as wav files not convert them to data.

wav files != data?