Archiving to dvd-r....all that glitters

[qanda]This thread is about the Verbatim VBTDVDL4A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hello. if this is an old chestnut, the moderator may wish to park it in newbie section. there were no category uptions for maxell or kodak or dvd-r under verbatin,FMI, is there any gold content in the gold layer of maxell dvd-r/+r?
i want to archive and like the idea of a gold layer in a disc. has maxell revealed this info? i have not seen it discussed anywhere. of the -r discs i have purchased
100 pack made by ritek, 50’s by cmc. presumably this part of maxell 's oct 2006 missive about its outsourcing medium term plan;a google seaech; ‘dvd maxell mother factory’ will find it). is the gold part illusory/marketing spin? they seem to work ok 4me…hope they last. gold is over 900 usd/ounce.

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