Archiving my CD collection - Are cue's important?

I’ve finally decided to backup my CD collection and have decided to go about compressing them all into FLAC format. However, I was wondering about the issue with FLAC and .cue files. If my goal is to archive perfect copies of my music onto the hard drive with the possibility of re-burning them in the future , would the .cue problem affect my ability to 100% accurately recreate the original CD? I’m kind of learning as I go along here, but I’d like to make sure that I’m not making any mistakes before I begin the process of archiving everything.


What issue/problem with flac and cue files?..If CUE sheet files are important to you (there not for me) then create them…If you rip to flac and it goes smoothly w/o issues using, EAC or dBpoweramp with AccurateRip, you’ll have an archive which can be used to “re-create” an original CD…flac is ‘Lossless’, but you know that, right?..