Archiving files on DVD with DB listed files



Hello, cdfreakers :wink:

I discover your forum today, (I don’t now if i’m in the right forum place, so sorry)

My Question: I need a program to burn archives, (a nero or clonecd like) with a plugin Or a stand alone to writes all files & medias in a DB…

Any help would be appreciate, thx in advance. !

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Maybe you can burn your files with any burning software you like more and then use VisualCD to store a database of all your discs.

You only need to insert the burned disc on the drive, run VisualCD and it will create automatically a database of all the disc contents :slight_smile:


Wow thx geno888 for the fast and useful reply!

That’s exactly the soft i need! :wink:



You’re welcome :bigsmile: