Archiving DV Camera footage to DivX

I have dozens of DV tapes that I am uploading from my video camera that I want to archive until some time in the future when I will make some nice DVD videos (or whatever the current video format is in the future). I don’t entirely trust that these DV tapes will remain usable or readable 5+ years from now, so I want to back them up to an alternative media.

After doing a firewire upload of a DV tape each tape (60minutes) consumes at least 12 gigabytes of disk space. I tried encoding as DivX files and at the best quality setting I am happy with the size reduction but I quickly learned that the DV tapes were interlaced and even after encoding were not ideal for display on a computer.

Should I deinterlace these tapes before archiving for future use years from now? Is DivX indeed the most ideal format for archiving a huge amount of raw footage such that I a can edit in the future and write out DVD videos (or whatever future format replaces DVD) ? What would be the ideal DivX parameters for archiving?

As you are doing this for archive purposes, not to actually watch the vids, why not keep the original DV files as they are, either by splitting the 12GB into 4.3GB RAR files and storing them onto UDF DVD data discs, or uploading shorter lengths of video at a time, again storing them as data. That way you will still have tho original DV quality for whatever h/ware s/ware the future may bring. If you compress to mpeg4 AVI you will still lose quality.