Archive quality dvds

I answered a question in another forum about long term storage of information on dvds. My solution was +R 8x Taiyo Yudens from, but I did tell the guy that archival dvds do exist. Looking at Amazon, there are several brands available including Delkin, Memorex, Mitsui and Verbatim.

My question is—does anyone around here have direct experience using these disks? They seem to be a premium price, but are there any true “premium” performance enhancements, other than the scratch resistant coatings?

They all use gold reflective layers, but will this actually increase longevity as they claim, or is this just marketing hype as we so often see these days?

Don’t buy Mitsui, Memorex or Delkin. It isn’t worth the premium.
The most common reason for trouble is dye failure and not reflective layer failure. Gold is just marketing B…s, and Mitsui’s quality has been steadily dropping in the last years.

Don’t know what the Verbatims are like, but most likely better than the Mitsui.

Maybe [B]Dolphinius_Rex[/B] or [B]dakhaas[/B] can tell us more…

Agreed with KG, they are a gimmick. A normal verbatim should last pretty long if stored properly.

Scratch resistant coating on archival media sounds dumb anyways. If you are archiving, why the hell would you need scratch resistance? It’s not even going to get used much if it’s for “archival use” lol.

But the scratch resistant surfaces do work. I’ve tried a few TDK ones. Hard to scratch indeed :slight_smile:

I knew about the quality you get these days with Memorex and Mitsui, but hadn’t heard of Delkin. And I have no disagreement with your opinions, they pretty much mirror my own. I was just thinking that with the number of curious dvd users we have posting here, someone would have tried and tested some of these archival disks.

The gold DVD+R discs from those brands are, for the most part, not worth the trouble. Most are no better than their “regular” brandmates. However, if you choose the Verbatim gold DVD+R discs, you’ll be much less likely to get a MIT or a MII disc than you would with the standard Verbatims – AFAIK, the Verbatim gold DVD+R’s are MIS (Made In Singapore).

Delkin = MAM-A/formerly Mitsui.

I thought the Verbatim Gold discs were DVD[B]-[/B]R and made in Taiwan by Prodisc. But I could be wrong.

Delkin/Memorex are also made by MAM-A.
Verbatim gold - Prodisc based on MCC spec.
EMTEC/Hi-space = MPO GOLD.
Prodisc gold =Prodisc based on prodisc spec.

Will be back with more info later.

I stand corrected.


Who manufactures the 8x Verbatim MediDisc media? (which same as Gold seems USA only. :doh: )

CMC makes all the MediDisc types from Verbatim :bigsmile:

94736 MediDisc Branded
94737 MediDisc White Inkjet
94738 MediDisc White Thermal (no branding)

Gold is not US only in verbatim case.
DVD-R Archival Grade 4.7GB 8x 25 Pack Spindle Inkjet Printable 43634 *
DVD-R Archival Grade 4.7GB 8x 5 Pack Jewel Case Inkjet Printable 43638 *
Those are the european re-order numbers. Taken from

Yup, you lucky guys get 5pks and 25pc spindles… we only get 50pks. I think 25pc spindles is perfect personally.

And it’s printable :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s actually not that big a deal for gold product over here. Most people don’t do inkjet printing on archival media. Usually it’s just simple markings with sharpie markers.

Unless I’m misreading, all these archival-grade type media is [B]ALL[/B] -R, are there any +R variants of these? and more important, any available in the EU? :slight_smile:


Seems Hitachi-Maxell have a rival to MediDisc, do you have any experience of these or the MediDisc media?

Actually, I do have a little info on those! Someone a little while back pointed me to an ebay seller blowing them out dirt cheap, and asked me if they were legit. Having never seen them before I contacted my rep at Maxell, and inquired. It’s a USA only product, which has actually been discontinued as far as my rep was able to find out. I guess it was too expensive or too unknown to catch on?

As far as I know there exists MEDICAL grade, long lasting archival media, if I recall those are made by Verbatim and are quite expensive. I would not consider Taiyo Yuden as archival media anymore - The quality of Taiyo Yuden has dropped within the last year - and I KNOW from experience because I order them in volume - Also Taiyo Yuden is plagued with bonding problems - I have had old batches of DVDs, many brands from memorex, maxell etc and tried seperating the 2 layers and could not - whereas the Taiyo Yudens (whether -R, +R) were extremely easy to seperate, even with finger nail, pin or scisors just barely poking and prying them apart with my hand. There is Maxell PLUS series, but they have an EXTREMELY HIGH PIF total but excellent PI, no bonding issues, but from experience the PIFs have increased steadily in short periods of time not the totals but individual maximums.

so let me get this stragit: the Verbatim Gold and MediDisc are the same thing?

yeah, but i’m sure Verbatim didn’t have indivuduals on their mind when they thought up of this media. and i’m pretty sure organizations would inkjet-print on their archived media.

Nope, MediDisc is a highgrade disc made by CMC for Verbatim to Verbatim specs. Gold Ultralife is well GOLD, as well as manufactured by Prodisc for Verbatim (to Verbatim specs of course)

Actually, I’m speaking for Canadian businesses who use this type of media in general. Most would either want an Everest Printable surface, or would want them to be just generally shiny or branded topped. Most people who do archiving don’t put a lot of markings on the disc, mainly because they are overly superstitious about damaging the disc at ALL.