Archive Copy Will Not Copy

I recently made an archive copy of a movie, which plays just fine on several different home DVD players.

I received the paraphrase of the following message when I attempted to make another archive to take with me on a journey -

Oh by the way, this error is from AnyDVD v5.9.6 :

Failed to read DVD!
1 - DVD Media is dirty
2 - DVD Media is damaged
3 - Your drive is a region locked RPC2 drive…
4 - Your drive is a RPC2 drive that has not been assigned a Region…

This error only happens on a couple of movies.


Is the media dirty or damaged? Have you been able to play movies on your pc before?

I started to answer those questions in my post. The answer is no to both. I don’t use my PC to watch DVD’s. The DVD itself, as stated, plays on all of my home systems, however, it will not get past the AnyDVD error message.


Usually happens with cheap media or burned too fast.
(Or a combination of both.)

Bin it and do another backup from your original.

Try ripping with DVD Decrypter.