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Blu-ray and HD DVD drive review

[li]LiteON eHBU212USB3 BD burner Review[/li][li]LG BH12LS35 BD Burner Review[/li][li]Plextor PX-LB950SA BD Burner Review[/li][li]Plextor PX-B310U BD Combo Super Multi Drive Review (August 2010, by vroom)[/li][li]Liteon iHBS112 BD-ReWriter Review (August 2010, by vroom)[/li][li]Plextor PX-B940SA Blu ray writer review (March 2010, by Dee)[/li][li]Optiarc BC-5500S Slim Laptop Drive Review (September 2009, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]Pioneer BDR-205BK Blu ray Burner Review (November 2009, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]Sony BWU-300S Blu-ray Burner Review (June 2009, by Dee)[/li][li]Pioneer BDR-203BK Blu-ray Burner Review (April 2009, by Dee)[/li][li]LG BH08LS20 Super Multi Blu-ray Disc Rewriter (April 2009, by ~Kipper~)[/li][li]ASUS BC-06B1ST Blu-ray ROM/DVD Burner Review<!-- google_ad_section_end --> (February 2009, by ~Kipper~)[/li][li]LG GBC-H20L Super Multi Blue with LightScribe First Look (September 2008, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]LG GBW-H20L Super Multi Blue Blu-ray Disc Rewriter with LightScribe Review (August 2008, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray Writer Review (May 2008, by ~Kipper~)[/li][li]Lite-On DH-401S Internal BD-ROM Review (April 2008, by Jan70)<!-- google_ad_section_end -->[/li][li]Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM Review (March 2008, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]ASUS HR-0205T HD DVD-ROM Review (March 2008, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]LG GGC-H20L Super Multi Blu-ray & HD DVD-ROM Drive with LightScribe Review (February 2008, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]Sony BWU-200S Blu-ray Disc Rewritable Drive Review (January 2008, by ~Kipper~)[/li][li]ASUS BC-1205PT Blu-ray ROM DVD-Writer Review (January 2008, by ~Kipper~)[/li][li]Pioneer BDR-202 Blu-ray Burner Mini review (November 2007, by Dee)[/li][li]Pioneer BDC-S02BK Blu-ray Combo Mini review (October 2007, by Dee)[/li][li]Sony BWU-100A Blu-ray Burner Review (June 2007, by agent009)[/li][li]Philips SPD7000BD Blu-ray TripleWriter review (February 2007, by Jan70)[/li][li]Lite-On LH-2B1S Blu-Ray Triple Writer Review (December 2006, by Jan70)[/li][li]LG GBW-H10N Super Multi Blue 4x Blu-ray Burner Review (December 2006, by zevia)[/li][li]Plextor PX-B900A Blu-ray Review (November 2006, by Jan70)[/li][li]Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Burner Preview (August 2006, by Dee)[/li][li]Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray Burner Review (August 2006, by zevia)[/li][/ol]Other hardware review[ol]
[li]Digistor DIG-78102 Self-Powered Blu-ray Writer USB 2.0 Review (September 2009, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]LG N4B1 Super Multi NAS with built-in Blu-ray rewriter Review<!-- google_ad_section_end -->(March 2009, by MegaDETH)[/li][li]HDI’s DUNE BD Prime Blu-ray review (November 2008, by Hi-jack)[/li][/ol]Software review[ol]
[li]Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate Review (November 2008, by harley2ride)[/li][li]CyberLink DVD 6 Suite Review (February 2008, by ~Kipper~)[/li][/ol]Articles[ol]
[li]Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD (March 2005, by H3rB3i)[/li][li]CD Freaks Interviews Digital Storage Reps – time for the Blu-ray Disc Association! (January 2008, by cdfreaks)[/li][/ol]Guides[ol]
[li]BD-Rebuilder guide (June 2010, by Kerry56)[/li][li]Copy and Backup your Blu-ray movies: a guide to BackupBluray (January 2007, by zevia)[/li][li]BD2DVD: Blu-ray to DVD guide (November 2007, by zevia)[/li][/ol]~o0o~


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