Archival headache


I had archived some data on a dvd about a year back. Now I find that the data could not be read completely. I had picked up the data from a Linux based CVS Repository and also from a Windows XP based system. How do we verify the data if they are correct? I give below 3 of them. More comments required.

  1. While copying the data into a DVD, we can use “Verify” option of the tool that is being used to transfer data. Ex. Nero Burner.
  2. A CRC can be generated for each file and compared after the data is transferred
  3. After the data transfer, the same can be copied back to an alternate location
  4. Since the files are in a compressed mode (.zip / .tar), they zip tool can check the files for any issues.

Is there any fool proof way to do this ?




If it copies, it copies. The only thing to check if it’s 100% correct if you already had made a checksum or check before copying it on other media. My best bet is indeed to generate checksums (crc, md5, etc) of the media, copy the data, then generate checksums of the copied media and check if they match.

One of the best copy tools is Total Commander. If these tool can’t copy the data, almost nothing can.
If you want to copy as much as possible i suggest using Unstoppable Copier.

For new backups you could use MD5, but if you are working with archives i suggest using QuickPar which both checks and offers great repair options. It’s like having RAID5 on your archives.