Archival dvds

Does an archival dvd dl exist? Do Verbatim dvd dls come in bulk amounts like spindles of 50?

I have not seen any mention of archival grade DL media, which may indicate how manufacturers feel about endorsing DL media as suitable for archival…

Never heard of archival grade DL either. :confused:

Good point lol. Maybe longevity is not up to scratch.

I also think it might cost too much to sell. Verbatim Archival Grade Gold discs cost a fortune here. Like 1.80 per disc. Normally you can get an average price for the same discs without all the Gold + Scratch proofing @ like 50-70 cents per disc. So it definitely increases the price a fair bit. DL is already too expensive as is.

But I honestly do like the idea of scratch proof DL media, since getting any kind of dirt/smudges can greatly affect a DL burn and with scratch proof you can wipe it away without causing many small scrathes.

They are currently making all Blu ray discs with scratch proofing I think, just because getting a few small scratches on the disc could cause some headaches I guess, especially before writing.

It’s a bit different
Gold lower reflectivity -> More dificult to get right reflectivity.
Dual layer -> allready hard to get reflecitivity according to standards with normal silver.

Verbatim does have dual layer 50 pc’s MKM001 spindles in america. Only problem for some folks might be that most of the MBIL production is used for those.

I thought that the Verbatim gold archive discs used silver for reflectivity and the gold was placed between the silver and the lacquer to prevent air from getting at the silver? This should have the same reflectivity as a regular silver alloy disc.

I think the reason they’re putting hard coating on the Bluray discs is because there is no polycarbonate between the data layer and the bottom of the discs. Even a relatively light scratch could reach the data layer without some coating.

Yes your right about verbatim ussing the silver + gold.

But now think of the whole dual layer system

Dual layer has a semi transparent layer for one of the layers.
Even if it’s possible to make it with gold or a silver + gold mixture how will it impact on the readability of the layer below.

Now for the folks who say well then use one gold or silver + gold layer. Even then That would mean you loose your advantage for probably both layers.

Assuming that you can create semi transpartent gold then you still have the problem like I described below and that is allready taking a long shot. Because it’s very doubtfull that you can make a semi transparent gold layer.

Well, even though you are most likely correct about all that, a simple scratch proof coating without the gold would work just fine I think :slight_smile: