Archival DVD

I have encountered issues reading Delkin archival gold DVDs. The DVDs were burned with Roxio 9 using a Plextor 716a burner. The burn completed without issue, however I cannot read the DVD without rebooting. Plextor apparently does not support archival gold media. Has anyone had similar issues, and has anyone had success using archival gold DVDs with any drive?

I wouldn’t use those disks. Delkins, kodak and others (gold media) are junk, and are all the same disks made by MAM-A with various brand names thrown on them. The gold reflective layer has less reflectivity than the silver layer most disks use so you are starting at a disadvantage. Further, it is more often the dye layer that degrades first, and a gold surface wont do anything to protect from that. I have heard more than a few times about these gold disks having poor compatibility/quality too.

If you really want the best disks possible, and don’t mind higher prices, I would go with verbatim medical grade or something like that.

Thanks - good info