Archival DVD question




I am about to buy some Taiyo Yuden DVDs for archiving my files. I would prefer the inkjet white TY DVDs over the normal (are DVD’s called Thermal too?) TY DVDs.
The Non-white DVDs are 8x and 30 cents cheaper than the 4x white inkjet DVDs. On the hundred I would save $30 and get double the writing speed with the Non-White DVDs.

So my questions are,
a) are these two DVDs any different in quality?
b) is the extra 30 cents only for the white coat?



The writing quality of both media are personally for me the same or
similar! The price is almost higher for printable medias, sometimes
you could have look and get this media in a special offer for the same price
as the non-printables!


Hi :slight_smile:

Personally I’d go for the non-printable media.

It’s been known that with many brands, printable medias are less reliable than non-printable ones (with same dye and manufacture).

OK these are Tayo Yuden (assuming they’re GENUINE ones, double check that!) so I’m enclined to think that they got their act together and produce very reliable printable media, but as your goal is archiving, if i were you I’d take no chance…

As to know if the difference in price is only for the printable surface, you should post a link to the medias you’re considering.

Cheers from Europe :slight_smile:



There is another issue to consider: I store my DVDs in tyvek sleeves. Tyvek’s great, but the window is smooth plastic. I’ve discovered, to my loss, that shiny silver discs are so smooth on the “label” side that they can stick to the plastic window after being stored for a couple of years. When that happens, it’s very easy, when removing the discs from the sleeve, to pull the label away from the aluminum layer, destroying some or all of the data on the disc.

I’ve never encountered this problem with discs whose labels contain printing, white paint to accomodate your printer, etc. Those are just rough enough the window doesn’t stick to them.

If you might store discs in sleeves of any composition, I’d recommend you go with discs that have something printed on the label side. Whether it’s a bunch of branding junk or white for printers doesn’t matter: only that something is printed there.


I tend to store mt dvd’s and cd’s the same way now, using plastic sleeve’s with cloth inserts, but I place the dye side to the cloth - maybe I should store cd’s with the label side facing the cloth.

Still, I tend to use TY dye dvdr’s for everything now - rarely using some of the 100’s of TY cdr’s I still have - I did not trust dvd’s to start with, that is for long term storage, but quality dvdr media is probably better manufactured these days than cdr’s. They are starting to be phased out (see cdfreaks news columns).


DVD media is sandwiched between two layers of plastic, other than some rare brands made long ago. CDs have one layer of plastic and the data on the top. Current DVD media cannot damage the data by sticking to the top label. However, some people with Ritek G04s are concerned that the top label has warped over time and has corrupted data. I have experienced this and I cannot say whether it was bad media or a warped label. I would avoid labels.