Archival CDs

What are the best archival CDs for long-term photo storage?

As a rule we recommend Taiyo Yuden cds. They are the best general purpose cds made, with a very long track record of excellence. They can be found online at shops like and

It is possible to get medical grade cds also. They are far more expensive, and I’m not sure they are any better than the TY media, but here is an example of them: They do include scuff resistant coatings.

If you are looking for dvds as well, Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are two very good choices.

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I’d go for CD-Rs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, having not tried any of the Archival Grade ones myself.

You don’t say where you’re located, but discs made by TY, as well as being available online in “unbranded” form (usually advertised simply as Taiyo Yuden, though Taiyo Yuden is not a brand), can be found under many brands such as Verbatim, Sony etc (just look for “Made in Japan” on the packaging).