Aray skin

first i just want to thank Da_Taxman for re-activating my old account. i also want to thank R!co for letting me skin Aray so i thought i would post a couple i made here. Just unzip dll to Aray directory

Very, very nice!
Any tools avaiable for skinning this beaut?

i left an attachment at the bottom containing the dll…just unzip to Aray directory as for the skin tools…i dont think they are available

So how did you make yours?

heh…photoshop CS and a private skin tool from the developer of Aray

Public version?

no…as far as i know there is only the developers version

Nice job Syber…and welcome back:cool:

thanks… :bow:

Very nice skin Syber. Keep them coming :wink:

Really a nice skin Syber, now I’m using your one :). This is the only one, or you got more of them?

Here’s my quick skin.
If nothing else it makes Sybers work look fantastic :wink:

For all wonderboy fans out there… (21 KB)

Maybe we should have an aray skin contest LOL

But not everyone has the skin creator.

Didn’t know you Syber but welcome back!!!:bigsmile:

i actually have a bunch more i will release soon… tiny preview HERE

V nice!!!good job son!
When can we expect them?

Here is another one (84.5 KB)

also syber released a bunch at
dont forget to register…
they`re very nice…
welcome back syber, didnt know you was in this club.

The link is makeabackup not makebackup.
The aray skins section will be ready shortly

yeah, guess i missed the a again,as always
sorry bulk