Arachne, don't click here

Arachne, don’t click here


You knew I would :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: have you clicked?


Don’t click here then :stuck_out_tongue:


Cruel - cruel man-eh!

The only thing cruel around here is you keep typing “Yo” and “eh” in each one of your posts. I swear each time I scroll through one of your posts I lose a little more of my sanity. I wonder if I broke your fingers if you might drop that annoying habit or at least be conscious of it everytime your busted fingers hit the keyboard. End Sadistic Rant Here :wink:

Now that’s just plain mean…I should borrow Dee’s whip and give you 50 lashes on Mike’s behalf :bigsmile:


[B]PLEASE[/B] feel free to pursue this-eh!

I’m thinking about it, but he might enjoy it too much :wink:

[B]Arachne[/B]… don’t click here

[B]Mike[/B] instead can click :stuck_out_tongue:

clicketyclicketyclicketyclicketyclickety clicketyclicketyclicketyclicketyclicketyclickety click click click… :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: have you clicked too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. As far as I understand, your link shows that nuclear power is HOT! :bigsmile:

You people are in bad need of something to do. Heh LOL

I completely agree. LOL :bigsmile:

[B]Arachne[/B]… don’t click here

We are doing something :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo Jester-

You - of all people - know that < is too old and mean to change - and the longer folks protest - the longer < does it (currently up to 2011)-eh!

(oh - just to add - you didn’t have that much [I][B]sanity[/B][/I] to start with-eh!)

Wow, that’s nice. Make a good desktop wallpaper. And for anyone looking, no it’s not cats :wink:

[B]Arachne[/B]… don’t click here :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s The Dragon! :cool:

off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]Arachne[/B]… click here