AR-230 Drive Swap?



Hello, I have a Gateway AR-230, which I have found out is pretty much a rebadged Lite-ON LVW-5001 (Board inside the unit is marked: LVW-5001A REV. 04) The original drive has stopped recognizing discs, both dvd’s and blank media. The OEM drive that has quit working is a Lite-ON DDW-401S. Is there anywhere that I can find a replacement for this drive? Has anyone been able to successfully swap the OEM drive with a PC drive? I connected a Lite-ON SOHW-1633S to the AR-230 and was able to play a dvd, and even went through the process of recording a show. However, the recording would not play back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I have tested the LVW5005 (this has the DMN8602 processor) with an Empress drive 8x burner this did all the burning processes and would read non copyprotected disks but CSS prevented pre recorded things such as Shrek from running.

All the recorded disks played back in other players and on the PC sucessfully

I plan to test soon with a Lite on drive.


Is there anywhere that I would be able to get a replacement DDW-401S? Already looked on ebay, nothing there.


I have the unit taken apart now, seems like repairing it will be my only option. Looks just like a PC drive but in a plastic enclosure. Standard IDE and 4 pin molex connectors. Drive was working fine and then suddenly stopped recognizing discs. Anybody have any tips on where to begin on repairing this drive?


Seems to be a dead spindle motor or controller. Tray loads and laser moves up and down, but spindle will not spin up. Has anyone ever repaired or replaced the OEM drive in this unit? I am thinking maybe a 411S might work? Anyone?


Got a LDW-411s off of ebay, hope I can get it to work. Has anyone here ever successfully replaced the OEM DDW drive with a LDW version. If so, any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.


After looking at the liteon section posts and reading a few of the posts …it would seem likely theat perhaps the problem that I am experiencing with the DDW-401S drive in my AR-230 … may be related to the EEPROM problems experienced by other Lite on drives. IF SO … is it possible to move the drive from the DVD recorder to a PC and reprogram the EEPROM… ( of course it might require a reading from a Pre-wack out unit.)
My problems are almost exactly what digisolo has desribed. Any comments for the neo-dvd trouble shooter.


Ldw-411s Chip Set Same On Ddw-411s
I Think You Can Use It


I found a Lite-On LDW-401S on ebay, modified it a little so it would fit, and it worked perfectly. I did’nt even have to flash it with another firmware. I flashed it to the DDW f/w and it did not work, reflashed to the LDW stock f/w and worked perfectly…very strange. I have burnt plenty of +R and +RW discs since.


Help - I have no clue what I am doing. I have a ddw-401s that won’t open up. I think the motor is bd on DVDR drive. I would like to replace with the same model dvd part. If I replace with the same model part - will I have to flash ?


Question is why bother just by a SOHW 1963s to replace the stock drive


does the LDW-401S support both dvd+/-R/RW formats…Thats one reason i bought the gateway, at the time, was it recorded and played on both + and - formats…


The specs for it are here