APS Removal?

Is there anything available that will get rid of this ???

Welcome to the forum :). Try AnyDvd.
Click: www.slysoft.com/

Sorry, ANYDVD v6.1.0.0 seemed like it did not remove the APS (Analogue Protection System). After the “Rip-to-harddrive” function, went to create dvd with CloneDVD2 and this is what I got: unableto copy protected material (APS). CloneDVD2 does not support APS. Details = Clone 7 TCE. Any Ideas?? BTW: CloneDVD2 v2.9.0.3
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What DVDs have this kind of protection?

Exactly what DVD are you referring to. We need more information to help you.:iagree:

Try There was a bug in with Macrovision Ripguard, perhaps it has something to do with this?

No. MacroVision RipGuard is unrelated to APS. The problem seems to be an installation problem (AnyDVD not setup/working correctly).

I have the same problem. I’ve installed AnyDVD and CloneDVD and couldn’t burn a DVD (“Crash”). I’ve ripped it long time ago to a hard drive, and now I’ve tried to compress it to one-layer and burn with CloneDVD but it complained about APS protection. I’ve made sure that APS removal is marked as active in AnyDVD and used AnyDVD’s “rip to hard disk” option to repair the original files. It hasn’t changed anything! I still get the same message when I try to burn the resulting “repaired” files to DVD with CloneDVD.

How do I go about removing this APS protection?

Try re-ripping the original DVD.

Let’s just say I accidentally worked it with sandpaper. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if you don’t have the original then we cannot help you.

What grit of sandpaper? :doh:

Who said I don’t have it? :wink:

You did.

Anyway, guys, is this a fact that AnyDVD cannot remove APS protection from a DVD copy on a hard drive?

To linx05: I am awed by your thorough knowledge on the subject of AnyDVD. You certainly helped promoting it by giving useful and insightful advice. I feel much more inclined to buy the program now. However, I feel bad usurping your attention, such a highly qualified expert you are, to my lowly and insignificant persona. Please, feel free to go and spread your wisdom to other people. By no means feel compelled to stay and answer my further questions. Otherwise I will feel terrible because I will be robbing other inquirers of your expertise.

Yes, because AnyDVD cannot remove anything from files on a harddrive.

Why didn’t Slysoft make AnyDVD decrypt movies on the HDD?

You may either choose to learn more by following the rules or continue with the type of sarcasm that is unlikely to impress even a six year old. We don’t give a flying fuck either way. Learn or not, the choice is yours.

How would the movie be encrypted and on the drive at the same time? Of course there could be some CSS or some left over crap so the best way to do that is by making it into an ISO and mount it with something like Daemon Tools.

Also, how many other DVD Rippers decrypt from the hard drive?

AnyDVD isn’t solely a DVD ripper. It’s meant to remove protection.