APRMedia doesn't stock Fujifilm TY anymore?

I was just checking aprmedia’s site to see whether I could buy some of that great fujifilm-branded 8x DVD+R TY, but it seems that they only stock fujilfilms which are RITEK G03!!! Nooooo… They had the best deal on 8x TY in the UK. What now? :sad:

Simple you are the victim of a brand name whoring itself out to whoever gives them the best deal. You could try http://www.rambox.co.uk and pick up a 25 pack of Verbatim 8x DVD-R for 7.48 pounds including VAT or you could venture over to SVP and pick up unbranded 8x TY DVD-R (confirmed to be authentic) for 35 pounds including VAT per 100 pack.

Try Infiniti same coating as Verbatim (MCC)
look here

check this out i was interested in the fuji’s svp had which were advertised as being r03 so i picked up a pack when i was buying some cases. They only turn out to be the same TY’s that apr was selling.

I am not sure if they have mixed TY’s and Ritek spindles but now the price has dropped to 4.99 (was 5.99) its worth asking them about it as otherwise its the cheapest TY’s around.