April fools jokes

April Fools Day is here and every April 1st it is socially acceptable to play pranks on your friends, family and co-workers. This is one day that adults can prank the folks around them and have a good excuse for doing so. According to The Parade on Sunday, March 31, 2013, some of the best pranks are the simple ones. They just take a minute to set up.

Here is a list of really funny April Fools Day pranks and jokes:

*Wait for your family member or co-worker to walk away from their computer, then go into it and change the Google setting to Russian or Chinese in the language drop down. Sit back and wait for the fun to begin. This is an especially good joke to play on someone who is not too computer savvy.

*Plug in a wireless mouse to your co-worker or family member’s computer. Be inconspicuous and stand back a little while you wiggle around the mouse and make them go crazy!

*Buy a small box of candy and remove all the candy from the box. Fill the little paper holders that the candy was in with Play Dough shaped like the candy you removed. Give this to someone you love and want to prank!

*Another computer prank for someone on your list: Go into Microsoft word and go into “Auto Correct” under the “Tools” tab. Change words that are most commonly used like “the” and “and” to form a funny word as soon as they type it. Depending how well you know this person, you can pick words that will offer a jaw-dropping response! This is one funny joke.

*Cell phone fun on April Fools Day can be as simple as changing the name that associated with your phone number in a friend’s cell-phone. Then when you call or send text messages your friend will see “Justin Bieber,” “Lady Gaga” or any other name you come up with, every time you contact them.

*For those who live with you and use stick deodorant, scoop out about an inch of the product and replace it with cream cheese, make sure you shape it so it looks like it belongs there!

*Baby monitors can award you hours of fun on April Fools Day. Just tape the receiver somewhere in a room or office where it can’t be seen. Then make strange noises over it all day. Someone will think the place is haunted by the time you are done!

*Putting bubble wrap under the toilet seat will make some loud popping sounds when the object of your prank sits down. This is one April Fools joke they won’t forget soon!

*Sprinkle grape Koolaide inside the showerhead and let your other half take their shower first on April Fools Day.

*Place mini-marshmellows on top of the ceiling fan blades and then ask the object of your prank to flip the switch because it’s getting warm. This works with shredded paper too!

*Switch your friends cell phone screen to a picture of cracked glass. They’ll think the phone is broken!

*Fill an empty jar of mayonaise with vanilla yogurt. At lunch time, take it out of the fridge and give your co-workers a stomach-ache watching you chow down tons of mayonaise.

*Fill the soap dispensors in the bathroom and kitchen with maple syrup, this is one sticky joke.

*A sign on the office copy machine that says “copy machine now voice activated” will have your co-workers talking to the new technology that won’t work or even talk back!

Have a happy and safe April Fools Day!

One of my IT-News websites talk about introducing “Fuzzy Passwords” so you would be able to login to your account, even if you have a spelling error in your password.

Also Google Nose looks quite funny.

A computer prank I’ve used is to take a screenshot of the victims desktop, hide their icons away in a folder and set that screenshot as the wallpaper.

Not to late - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rg3ak8SFZc

Show a full-screen image of Windows 3.x! Claim there’s something wrong with the computer and that you have no idea how this happened. Then sit and watch as your victim tries to fix your computer.

Beautiful. You mean. I like you. hehe

Note: These are more malicious than pranks, I don’t know how to recover from them. Indeed, it may take a guru to fix. Use at your own risk.

  1. Display properties > Appearance > Advanced… turn EVERYTHING white (or black).

Can’t read a white font on a white page; can’t get to display properties to set it back.

  1. Paint > Image > Attributes > Inches > Height = 99999 - Width = 99999.

The comp will lock up trying to make that much room.

I have more, just can’t remember them now.


Here’s another: How to turn your computer screen sideways or upside down:

I once did this by accident and didn’t know what I did or how to get it back. Freaked me out!:eek: