April, 2017 Windows 7 update (KB4014981) breaking Realtek Audio HD driver

Hi, has any one experienced their on board audio Realtek Hd driver malfunctioning when playing music or watching video and the audio being affected. The update from Microsoft is causing my playback to skip, stutter, click and pop. I tried to uninstalled and re-installed the Realtek audio driver. No change. Rolling back the update change through system restore did not help. I end up having to do fresh install of the O/S to fix my audio problems.Thus far, I have not install this update after my fresh install of the O/S. Any help would be appreciated.


Right clicking the mouse button on the update will give you an option to hide that update. It will no longer show up and will not be installed.

It turns out it was not Windows update, just coincidence. It turns out to be my Zonealarm firewall program. Once it was uninstalled, the Realtek audio problem was fixed. Thanks to everyone for their help.