AppStore banned Grooveshark is not illegal, says Exec

AppStore banned Grooveshark is not illegal, says Exec.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The popular music sharing program Grooveshark was unceremoniously pulled earlier this month from the Android market following what many believe was pressure from the recording industry and Google following a precedent set by Apple last year when they too removed the app. A Grooveshark bigwig stated yesterday they wouldn't face the music for crimes they're innocent of and would fight to see the app reinstated.

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Sue that prick Avalon for slander and/or Libel. They have labeled Grooveshark as a company that harbors piracy. This is getting out of control and someone needs to put a serious legal “Bitchslap” down on the MPAA/ RIAA and quickly.

I just signed up for Grooveshark and was able to install through their website. I think Google needs to man up and tell the RIA or Record Companies that its a legal service.