Apps that Burn DL Dvd's (Please Post)

I have a 851@832 with VS0A patched with omnipatcher-1.3.8

I have a Duel Layer dvd What burning programs Support DL burning

Does any Of these Burning apps burn DL dvd’s


Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 Build 1705

DVD Decrypter


Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

Record Max (Versions?)

Disc Juggler (Versions?)


Please post name and version If I missed any Others that burn DL

I have installed Now… these


Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 Build 1705

DVD Decrypter


Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

Record Max 4.5

Record Max 7

What burns the best DL out of these apps or any other burning apps?

CopytoDVD is working.
Nero is working.

I toasted my first and only +R DL disc with DVD Decrypter. Perfect burn.

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I, like code65536, used DVD Decrypter for my first and only (at this stage) DL burn. The burn was great and plays on anything.

@code65536, any chance we can see the Kprobe of your burn? Here is a link to my Kprobe of that burn its the secpond last post
Also if I wanted to back up a movie using nero, is is possible to rip the movie with DVD decrypter (in iso read mode), and than Burn with Nero in iso mode?

Sounds Like I will use DVD Decrypter to burn my DL Ordered from newegg should be getting in 1-2 days from now, I’ll let you know how the burn went, Thanks for the info Guys…

fnice, did you get your burner and try a DL burn with DVD Decrypter? If you did, any tips or “must knows” you could throw up for all us other DL Noobies?

Yes, I did get the DL and it was a coaster. I am pretty much giving up on Lite-on Burners. I get way to many coasters. I have a Plextor 712A that has not made a coaster yet no matter what media I use so far. I am getting a Pioneer A08 in the next few weeks and I will do my DL layer burning with that Drive. But I know for one thing I did try a couple cheap Lite-on Drives though 812s & 851S both made many coasters and didn’t like cheap media, So I will Stay with the Better Burners from now on. I still have the 851S and will still play around with it from time to time.

This is off topic, but you’ve burned over 500 DVDs!!! Wow, you must have quite the collection. How do you keep them all organized? Just curious, because I am starting to get quite a few DVDs and I would like to know the best way to keep up with them. What works for others, etc… Thanks.


Just follow this giude: and you will be burning Dual layer in no time

Easy Media Creator 7 supports dual layer data discs, the next update will add support for video…

Thanks for the link!

Sonic RecordNow v7.0 and later supports DL burning too.


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I don’t they are on spindles.

CLone DVD2 wasn’t mentioned… at least I didnt see it. I think its a good double layer burning app.

The best thing to do to organise all your dvds ( i have burnt over 600 now) and trust me, the sooner you start to organise the less headaches you get later, is to number each one. That way whenever you burn new ones you just increase the number and then have them in cd/dvd racks. I found this a lot better than alphabetical because if you get and h you have to move a hell of a lot just to fit it in!

Also it helps to use a spreadsheet and list all your films. You then know what you got, can search for the number and easily find it whenever you need it.