Appropriate? measures to counter people's ignorance

Today on our Intranet Portal, the main article was a warning for all employees with a new PC:

It explained how to shut down your PC when it doesn’t react anymore. As there is no powerswitch at the backside, you have to push the front power button for ± 5 seconds. So far so good. Not everyone is expected to be aware of this, especially not the people that manage to fuck up a rock-solid workstation :).

Yet, the reason why this is shown on the portal raised a frown on my face.
According to the article, several employees had used the “special” switch at the back to switch off the PC. Indeed, that small red switch to choose between 230Volt (Europe etc.) and 115Volt (US etc.)…
With a nice KABOOM and a scrapped PC as a result :slight_smile:

The general outcome of this, is a worldwide replacement of the power sources for every new PC in the company (~ 40.000). The new power sources will be foolproof without voltage switch :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone with other “appropriate” measures to counter these kind of issues? :slight_smile:

Bwahahahahahahaha :bigsmile:

Is it a new method to convince Da Boss to buy new computers for the office? :bigsmile:

Lolololol!! Wannez… a classic. :flower:

Nothing like as funny as yours, but here’s another…

A couple of weeks ago we had a new office HP printer arrive. It came with a 3-pin ‘spade’ mains cable attached; US style. In the UK we have the three-pin square mains plugs, so… no problem; printer bought in UK - obviously an auto-ranging PSU. Our IT technician simply swaps the mains cable for one that fits the mains outlet.

Click -> POW! Cue a large cloud of white smoke. 240V -> 110V worth of smoke.

Auto ranging PSU… I think not. Don’t you love those grey market purchases…?

Sounds like ur tech man just couldn’t be arsed to read the tag next to the inlet which would have told him in simple terms what the max voltage was it would take !!

Hehe a good buy that printer. :bigsmile:

On another note, the sheer ammount of different sets of power plugs used in Europe and the rest of the world is just ludicrous!

Europlug and German plugs ftw

:eek: dancing pickles and power “plugs”???

If I may, I think I discovered something. It’s about the power sockets.

Power sockets reflect peoples deepest feelings in the respective countries.
For instance, the americans are scared of everything, thats why they came to that country in the first place. Israelis are not quite sure about anything and also a little scared, Australians are… oh this one will be trickier… australians are sneaky and just pretending to be jovial, while their power sockets tell the truth, that they feel helpless, stuck in a country with oversized rabbits and birds and poisonous everythings. British sockets are the wrong way up, but they of course think its the right way up, just as left is the right side of the road. Our swedish and german plugs do not tell us anything, they are just two black holes representing a quiet and melancholic state of mind. In France, the power sockets look like something erotic, and in Italy they are all into threesomes.

Explanatory images below
American scared senseless socket (or alternatly, outraged at sex modded into GTA-games)

French erotic socket (two holes and a big shiny rod, hmm?)

The german schutzkontakt used sweden is melancholic and depressed, void of any emotional signal

British right way up connector (cause they dont give a damn if your un-british appliance doesnt fit, it wont even work because their electrical system is just as backwards, or correct if you ask them. But if you do ask, you’re wrong anyway, and probably french.)

Israeli plug, not all that sure about anything, a little suspicious

Australian sockets, looks like the man from Scream, because inside all australians are screaming to get away from the poisonous animals and mutated rabbits with pouches and spiked tails

Italian threesome

So, how about that for a study? :smiley:

@Airhead - who’re you calling “backwards” :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Ooops, forgot a few images. And I’ve updated the article to reflect Arachnes concerns about backwardness :bigsmile:

Very informative Air !!! :eek:

Damn straight our way is correct :bigsmile:

What’s wrong in threesomes? :bigsmile:

All depends who the other two are my friend :eek:

Oo nothing wrong with threesomes, I just concluded that is what the italian national identity revolves around. :smiley:

My “study” is of course 300% and undisputedly “scientific”.

What he said ^^ :eek:

Bwahahahahaha @ Airhead :bigsmile:

Should I post some pics as examples? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I forgot, the danes!

The danes are a happy people, and this reflects in their power sockets. Note the little man stuck in the wall, his eyes are big, his smile is pleasant. He even has a nice little cap. He is content, enjoying life drinking and smoking, he does not care if he dies earlier, maybe he even lives longer! Live today, worry about tomorrow next week.

Danish socket

Wow that really is conclusive LOL