Appropriate closing and locking of topics? posted in response to a locked thread in the same forum, noted to be moved if inappropriate location where it was, but locked. an interesting comparison of a few ripping programs but locked. It was agreed by 2 mods that it was OK in the forum where it was locked.

i think the second one was locked not because of wrong forum but because members had ruined the thread and were doing nothing productive in it but fighting arguing and attacking one naother.

The attacks were one-way…

this is the forum talk forum. please don’t start this here. i’m trying to explain why the mods may have closed that thread. this forum is for discussion about the forum not about who did what to whom.

Well, I was somewhat perplexed that my thread was locked rather than moved. But I am a newbie and unfamiliar with the ways here.

@reasonsnotrules - Thank you for being so level-headed. It has been noted and appreciated.



I wished I knew the channels here because I second zaq’s comment for you to be a mod. :flower:

if you feel it was locked in error then PM the mod that locked it and plead your case. they may reopen it and move it if you provide good reason.

Yep, PMing the Mod who closed the thread is always a good idea - I’d welcome that if someone thought I was wrong in closing a thread. :slight_smile:

Hi blutach, also note that you are very welcome here. We changed Newbie to New on Forum a few years ago exactly for this reason. Less posts doesn’t mean you have no knowlegde, it’s probably an indication that you are new on our boards. I’ll leave handling of the situation to the involved moderators but I wanted to let you know that we welcome moderators of other boards with open arms!

I can only second what DoMi said - very well put :iagree:

I hope I don’t get flamed for this, but I would like to close this discussion by referring to the other discussion, in particular my reply therein:

If you feel this should be discussed separately and thus remain open, feel free to PM me. (I will move the other thread to Forum Talk, as I feel that discussion belongs in this part of the forums).