Approaching the peak

how fast do you think liteon, or any other maker of CDRWs [it is just that liteon seems to be leading the way for speed], will get , that is with only one laser to record.

personally i dont think it can get much faster because of the lack of strength of a conventional cdr, but hey who am i to know

Lite-On said they believed 52x to be the fastest speed for CD recording.

Some other companies might try 56x or something like that, but I’m not so sure.

Optical storage companies are looking to the future, so they are moving to DVD recording, and further down the road, they will move to blue-ray laser DVD recording.

tell me about it - they’re not the only guys lookingto DVD±r recording - i am dying for a ± burner but am waiting for the damn prices to drop

The next speed barrier is 16x DVD burning.

huh - i thought we were only at 8x

First they will sell you a 4x drive, then a 8x drive, then a 12x, then a 16x. :bigsmile: