Applying information

I have questions and information that may be helpful to situation that are being seen first hand with this Dv5 Laptop with Windows 7 Beta. First off the Beta is sweet for certian things as of: Speed, load time and startup time from a fresh reboot. The compatibility factor with programs is tough but is being worked out as I type.

Dvd Encoding/burning program DVD Santa is having issue with detecting the Dvd/CD writable drive

DVD flick: Encodes and recognizes but… I am not sure if it is my Sony DVD player or the X-Box 360 that is casuing the issue but a simple Avi. file is not being recognized on either piece of hardware!

Trying multiple programs: Power ISO, Dvd Santa, Dvd Encryptor and DVD flick with DVD shrink for a compression program for larger files seems to be not focusing on the speed that I like. 4gbs of Ram, Dual Core AMD Chipset and 160 gb HD should be enough to stream what is needed to meet the demands of speed that I expect!

If there is something that I am missing or something that faster that is out there, I am open to floor? Thanks and appreciate the free sign up!