Applying Firmware

When I receive my new PC DVD-ROM drive for Christmas (Pioneer DVR-116DBK), I intend to make it my primary DVD burner. I have an excellent LG DVD-ROM drive as my secondary.

Do I need to disconnect my LG DVD-ROM drive before I apply the firmware update for the Pioneer device? Or can I leave it alone?

The reason I’m asking is that I don’t know if leaving the 2nd burner connected while applying the firmware for a different DVD burner will corrupt the firmware on my LG.

I hope that wasn’t confusing. :slight_smile:


you can leave your other drive connected for the firmware upgrade. Just make sure you have the correct drive selected.


That’s a relief. I really hate disconnecting things in my PC only to have to reconnect them a minute later.

With two DVD-ROM drives on a PC, I’ve always assumed you were supposed to disconnect one of them whenever you apply a firmware update to the drive that needed it. I’m glad that it’s not necessary to do that.

Thanks for replying. :slight_smile: