Application error

Hi All

I need help I keep getting a error like this

Application error
The Instruction at “0x…”(any number) referenced memory at
“0x0…” (any number). I get this when I open or close some programs

p4 2.8 (motherboard asrock p4v88)
ram 2gib (pny 2700)
video card (ati 9800 pro)

Thank You

can anyone help me

what OS are you running…
Windows …95,98, XP…???
or Linux…???

can you be just a bit more specific?
did you download the software thats giving you the message…or is it software you bought?

run ccleaner from to clean the crap out of windows. checkout avg7 free edition from

you might have some kind of startup based program thats messing you over…do you know the last program you loaded…was it messed up before you loaded it or after…? if its after you might want to get and erase it from your harddrive.

When I have seen hard errors, it usually indicates a hard drive or controller problem. It might have been coincidence that it was doing it while installing software.
If you can open Control Panel/Administrative Tools and then pick Event Viewer and see if you have any hard drive errors in there. They would have red X’s and might say paging error or refer to device IDE0 or similar. If that is the case the problem is more than likely hardware.


Thank you

I have xp and I will give what you said a try. No new program this is a new copy of xp.

Those errors are RAM related try memtestx86 to see if you have a problem with your memory. I would also do a defrag and clean the system of unwanted junk programs

I used to get them on my old computer when I tried to increase the RAM speed in the BIOS. I found that when I set the BIOS to the SPD setting, so that the system would use those settings, the problem disappeared. But you could be also having a RAM module that is failing. You also may also want to go to the task manager and see if something is running in the background that is using a lot of processor resources. Give the system a good cleaning. Run a good spyware checker.


What is SPD? slayerking I will try memtestx86

Hey heres ya a good free De frag…download…its much better than the windows defrag… you really do need to clean up your computer regardless of your problem


I will also try this to see if this will stop I will never buy asrock motherboard

Thanks S_S. I was looking for a good freebee De Frag. You are right about the one that comes with windows.

bets ram, moves thread