Application does not exit


I’m trying to use the NeroCOM library. I use the NeroFiddlesCOM.Net as a starting point but when i exit the program after burning a CD the program does not respond anymore. In Visual Studio I can’t brake the execution to see where the program hangs, the only way to stop is to kill the process in the task manager.
This behaviour both happens in my own code and the NeroFiddlesCOM.Net sample project.

I have the idea that the burnprogress thread is not freed or something like that because it only happens after using the burnprogress (just an erase of a CD-RW works fine for instance)



Hi Sander.

I have the same problem in VB.NET.
I build an application in VB6 which is doing exactly the same and it’s working fine. But in .NET the programm hangs.

Hoping someone has a solution, Peter

I have the same problem in VB.NET and Nero Ultra Edition.
Nero is working fine.