Apple's TV product strategy continues to progress



Apple’s TV product strategy continues to progress.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple is now actively planning where they want to go with their TV strategy in the coming years. The company seems to be looking to invest in advancing technology behind interacting with video content as well as syncing playback across different devices. The talks reportedly also include discussion of an Apple Television, something that Steve Jobs claimed to have "cracked" before he passed.

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Hell no! Apple already charges more than they really need to for any of their products. Can you imagine what an Apple branded HDTV would cost compared to others? lol Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple fan, but I’m extremely questioning and cautious when buying Apple products because of the typical price difference Apple feels they can charge for a bloody apple logo on the back of their products. lol


Well the current Apple TV is pretty cheap…

Jobs told his employees last year that there is no money and no business for them to make TV sets, it doesn’t mean they won’t expand further into that market.

I believe their strategy will be to evolve the current Apple TV product and maybe license TV manufacturers to include Airplay support. They already license it out now anyhow. Their solution will have a far wider impact if every iPad/iPhone/iPod owner can just plug the small ATV box into their HDTV, instead of expecting everyone to buy new TV’s.
Siri on ATV would be pretty cool.


The iFans will most likely que up for an Apple branded TV set but I would at the price they would be asking.

No doubt they soon would be suing Samsung because the Samsung TVs have the look and feel of the Apple one…