Apple's new Retina MacBook is 'repair nightmare'



Apple’s new 12-in. MacBook is a “repair nightmare,” as tough on do-it-yourselfers as 2012’s first Retina-equipped MacBook Pro, according to iFixit.

“The internals are unnecessarily complex; it’s a minefield of pentalobe and tri-wing screws, fragile cables snaked around essential components, and a solidly-glued-down multi-cell battery,” iFixit reported on its blog Wednesday. “Tack on the non-upgradeability, and the Retina MacBook is a repair nightmare.”






That video is funny even if you know what the guy is really talking about.
I also belong to a Mopar car board surprisingly;) and the one they posted he’s talking about having a big block Mopar car and a guy in a Honda tries to race him. He of course blows the little car outa the water then asks what did he expect, he has 7.2 liters of big block power and this guy has a supercharger and a laptop and like 2 liters.
Pretty sure that was the original topic, Mopars are a lot more common over there then most realize, but it is the internet.:cool: