Apples dishes out over 1 million videos in 20 days

I just posted the article Apples dishes out over 1 million videos in 20 days.

    Let's  see, 1 million, times $1.99 for a iTunes store video,   that's  nearly 2 million dollars! The video service became available when the new Apple   video player hit the market and...
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Did Pepsi buy 500,000 iVideo’s and is going to run another contest? Did Steve Job buy all the video’s??? How do they fudge there numbers? I understand last time when iTunes came out they fudged them by having the pepsi contest (they claimed they sold a million iTunes in 1 day) but what now?

Even if these sales continue at this rate, it’s only $38 million a year, which in music & video sales is not that much actually. Keep in mind people Apple doesn’t profit off of this, the music companies do. Every penny Apple gets off of these sales (and it is pennies) is to pay their employees, hardware nad bandwidth. There’s no pocket money here for Apple, that’s where the iPods come in :slight_smile:
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I guess they haven’t heard of this service:

I don’t think that Apple don’t make money out of it. They did not build a proprietary web shop to give all the money to the music industry. They make plenty of money. The big money comes from content and not from the product itself.