Apple's App Store 'Has Lost $450 Million' Since Opening


An analysis by technology analytics company24/7 Wall St, has found that Apple and the developers which create and sell apps for the iPhone and iPod touch via the App Store, have lost over $450 million, (£277 million) since it opened in July 2008.

There have been over three billion apps downloaded to date but piracy has continued to cause problems for Apple and those developing apps which are not free.


Apple and third-party developers have lost $450 million due to App Store piracy since the store launched in July of 2008, according to an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street. This number might seem shocking at first, but the buzz generated by this report is misleading—the estimate is based on questionable numbers and an optimistic assumption that pirates would otherwise buy the software they steal.



The way the title of the thread, It made it look like the app store itself has lost 450 Million. The 450 Million is how mush they claim they have lost to piracy. Didnt they sell more than 1 billion apps already?

So … that’s like 0.00001% of the profit they’ve made so far?

A picture looks a certain way if you look at it from one angle and another if you look at from straight on.