Apple's 2G iPod Shuffle sells much better than expected

I just posted the article Apple’s 2G iPod Shuffle sells much better than expected.

As many are already aware, if an MP3 player has iPod written on it, it will sell like hotcakes: This time, Apple has launched a new version of its iPod Shuffle, under half the size of its…

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This is nice to hear, honestly a digital music player like that is just perfect for active people, whether it’s jogging, biking, or working out. I have the 1st gen shuffle and thats eactly what i use it for, but this is nicer and with the built-in clip, really sweet. You don’t need to worry about song titles and junk like that, plug in, fill, clip and go. Armbands suck :P. And if you have WinAmp, who needs iTunes!

We need a 2GB version or maybe a 4GB! due to its size i must admit it is cute and simple. :+

I can understand the appeal of a stripped down version, but I personally need more space and a screen. If I was to use an mp3 player as a companion to my workouts, I would like the option to be able to quickly scroll to different songs. I think the nanos are currently the best compromise of size and function. Much better than my current mini.

I love the concept of the shuffle, it’s my own personal radio station