Apple warns of overheating iPhones

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Days after a growing number of Apple iPhone 3GS owners complained of overheating issues, Apple has posted a web page instructing iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS owners on how to keep their phones operating…

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Hey, there was a news story about this on CD Freaks a couple of days ago. Yeah…here it is. Right here on my iPhone…ow! Ahh! ow ow ow!!

Very well played ferd! :slight_smile:

They forgot a major tip on the Apple support page:
Download the software update that will fix this flaw in our product, it will be available eventually.

Lets hope for Apple’s sake this can be fixed via a software update.

I’m glad I read all the news on this problem. I was seriosuly thinking about finally making the iPhone plunge on Monday, but not now, not until this whole overheating mess is sorted out.

Blaming the customer for an overheating hardware problem of your product is by no means smart… Blaming your customers about anything, actually, is a good way to lose them… and other pontential customers.

But then again, maybe this doesnt apply for Apple. There are people out there that would still buy their staff even if they found out that Steve Jobs was doing their wife…

And their mother

I can’t stand apple, solely because of it’s B$ over-hyped promotions for significantly overpriced products which are quite mediocre to a well informed individual. But those commercials are just so well crafted …

Err … I think that about sums it up.

It’s obviously the customers fault that their iphones overheat. I mean seriously … what did they think an iphone is for? Everyone is supposed to admire it’s obvious & otherwise unattainable style WITHOUT turning it on. I mean, really!

I’m sure that occassional, nay frequent, overheating, and spontaneous combustion is mentioned in the EULA that everyone clicks OK to without reading.

Fine print in EULA:
Caution, this product may overheat, combust or explode with effects ranging from grievous bodily harm and/or occasional death.

Hah, and so the saga continues for the overhyped iPhone. I’ll stick with my new Palm Pre!!

I was thinking of getting one then I saw this news, glad I didn’t.

Nooo… don’t fall for this anti-Apple propaganda! The iPhone does not suffer from any heat problems whatsoever. Its the users… you know… they are doing horrible things with their iPhones… like… talking… playing games!!.. surfing… Oh the horror…

WHAT?! Now Apple blames the user for over-heating?! And calling it “anti-Apple propaganda” is just laughable… with each price drop… Apple has to cut costs somewhere, and each newer model presents more problem… My friends who got the 3GS all run hotter than mine 3G model with the same amount of usage (Yes, we tried our phones over dinner just to compare)…
When you pay less… you get less… anyone who has a brain should at least know that much. Don’t even try to tell me that you could only use it for 10 minutes… let rest for 20 in order to use it again… Who are you trying to kid!!!

“Apple essentially blamed phone owners, noting that leaving the phone in direct sunlight, in a hot car, or using certain iPhone applications on hot days may lead to overheating.”

Whaaaat?! So now, if it’s a hot day, iPhowners are not supposed to use “certain applications” which the iPhone is actually designed to run?

I can use my laptop on hot days and it doesn’t burst into flames. I can turn on my TV and the screen doesn’t melt. Hell, I can even use my 360 in >90°F temperatures and it doesn’t RROD. What the f***, Apple?

if they have changed the clock speed from 400mhz to 600mhz, that definately must generate more heat?? They marketed the 3GS phone like it was some new whizz bang thing and in the end its a normal iphone that now overheats and crashes.

Great Marketing apple !!