Apple users pay up to 30% too much for online music streaming services


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Users who subscribe to online music streaming services from an iPhone or iPad app, pay up to 30% more than users on other platforms. Existing subscribers can save money by canceling the in-app purchased subscription.


Another worthwhile check is whether the mobile service provider offers carrier billing. Some music services are cheaper if paid for with this method. The same goes with in-app purchases on the Android platform.

For example, when I was with Vodafone, Spotify Premium was just €5/month with carrier billing. That is nearly 1/3rd the price of paying for Spotify via in-app purchase on Apple and offers the exact same functionality, including desktop and tablet usage.

I recently switched to the Three network, which is running a promotion where I get €10 free credit and unlimited data per month as long as I top up by €20 every 28 days. I pay for YouTube Premium via carrier billing, which gobbles up that free credit and €2 of the €20 top-up (to make up the €12/month subscription). So effectively it costs me €2/month. Apple iPhone users are unfortunately left out as Google does not support carrier billing on the iPhone, at least not here in Ireland.


I strongly recommend against all streaming services in general. Unless you’re CONSTANTLY buying new music, it will probably be cheaper to buy MP3 and/or physical CDs. On top of which, when you buy Music, you can play it any time, even if (for whatever reason) you can’t access the internet. Combine that with half-decent playback software, and you can also listen to the music without having to fear some internet server is keeping a super-creepy list of every song you listen to.


In my case I mainly use streaming as a radio replacement. I very seldom listen to a set playlist and usually just choose a theme such as “Weekend 80s” or “Music similar to (some artist I like)” and so on. This is something that can’t be easily done with an MP3 collection, at least not without manually building playlists.

One thing’s for sure, I’m not going back to listening to FM radio - The FM stations around here are typically full of chat in the morning, too much politics talk on my drive home and full of nightclub and other weird music late in the evening.

If it was not for my mobile carrier subsidising the streaming music cost, I would likely do what I’ve done in the past - Record a good Internet radio station overnight (e.g. RTL Die besten Hits aller Zeiten), edit out the news breaks and save it in 1 hour segments onto a USB stick. Many radio stations are free of ads and DJ talk overnight.


Not surprised…you wanted Apple give it up where the Sun Don’t Shine… lol