Apple unveils iPod for Windows - and more storage

I just posted the article Apple unveils iPod for Windows - and more storage.

Reverend J used our newssubmit to tell us that Apple will support the Windows Operating System with the new Apple iPod MP3 player.

The iPod is one of the most wanted MP3 players because of it’s…

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Damn, have recently bought an mp3 player. Maybe I should have this one as well :wink:

those seem kinda expensive. I have seen other portable players that have 20gig hdd for less tahn 300.00usd

They are expensive, that’s just typical Apple stuff though. One thing that is really stupid, is the fact that these don’t work on Windows 95 or 98, because they were not robust enough for FireWire (iLink) support. Windows 95 I understand, but Windows 98 works fine.

Apple’s prices have always been too high, but the sheer beauty of the iPod is well worth it, and with the fast FireWire connection, downloading music to the iPod is quick and easy. :slight_smile:

Eh, the Nomad Jukebox III is 20gig and cheaper… firewire and USB… recharbable batts that last up to 22 hours… waste of money for a apple piece of crap if you ask me.

Yeah, I mean, do you REALLY want to support Apple? All their stuff is crap! Creative Nomad Jukebox is WAY better! Oh and another thing. The Jukebox isn’t gay like the iPod. Apple, you can shove that Windows support. :d nEXusJ -Strong PC Supporter-

I’m still looking at that Toshiba featured a while back. Would rather have it than an iPod.

Does the trick where you walk into a store, download word, etc, and leave work on the windows version?

Wake me when I can get one for $100.