Apple TV to become iTV, with no 1080p support

Apple TV to become iTV, with no 1080p support.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple will reportedly launch a new $99 Apple TV device that will be renamed the "iTV", but it may lack a major feature that high-def conscious consumers demand: 1080p support.

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Don’t most modern TV’s, consoles & Bluray players already do this?

Another product for apple fanboys :stuck_out_tongue:

My year old popcorn hour can do 1080p. WDTV LIVE and a host of other devices can also do 1080p. Why is apple so backwards?

I’ll stick to my non apple, no drm devices.

3GS can play 1080p content ? BS !

It may be able to decode the 1080 HD file, but it can’t render 1080 @ 60fps that’s a whole other thing.

However this is a very smart move. Bringing iOS and all it’s apps and games to a set top device for $99 is brilliant. Totally. Cheap or free apps and games on our HDTVs. 720p isn’t the end of the world, and pretty much all of you wouldn’t know the difference or be able to tell is only 720 unless you were told. I guarantee you that. Compression and quality of source material far outweigh the pixel resolution factor.

1080 support will come with next years model…in the typical apple fashion.
With free apps such as cinexplayer and others, you can play all formats, XVID, MKV etc… DRM is not an issue. All my MKV downloads are 720p anyhow.

Good point ivid. I was very critical of the lacking 1080p support, but when you put the price into perspective (a mere $99, if that’s what it actually sells for), it’s not so bad with just 720p.

My noontek A6 media dock plays 1080p, and decodes dts/ac3 - it’s $100au, which is about $120US.

Interface is pretty basic though.

I guess the difference is that people want a pretty interface with Apples all over it, and the apple media store shoved down their throats :iagree:

Why, of course - it is totally shocking that people want a “pretty” interface!

I’m really, really surprised that people like attractive things. When they go shopping for new clothes, they always choose the poorly designed ones. When they buy a new car, they tend to chose the models that are the most aesthetically displeasing, don’t they?

Fine, fine - I admit it - when it comes to women, I happen to have a fondness for the pretty ones. And they don’t have to be shoved down my throat.

Oh, that crazy backward Apple!

Thankfully, I have the option of of watching Netflix on my WDTV live. DRM free!


Um, okay.

Stick with that year-old popcorn, ya dummy.