Apple TV: The odd one out of Apple's hot sellers?

I just posted the article Apple TV: The odd one out of Apple’s hot sellers?.

So far, most of Apple’s recently introduced audio and visual gadgets have taken the market by storm, including each new iPod series to even its iPod phone. However, when it came to the Apple…

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Yeah, $300 to watch you tube videos on my tv as well as low res shows I have to buy from iTunes. This is the definition of innovation. Add divx, xvid and drop the price $200 and we’ll talk. Until then, eat it Stevie boy!

I don’t have any problem with Apple TV doing what I need. I bought my Apple TV so that I could share home movies of the kids and photo slideshows with the grandparents on the big screen HDTV. It works wonderfully for that. All my iPhoto and iTunes content are automatically at hand and ready. I even just imported our 16 year old wedding video VHS tape to my mac and put it in iTunes for the kids to watch. We all got a great kick out of it and the quality was much better than I thought for VHS upconverted twice to 720p. I already have a TiVo HD and an upconverting DVD player. I don’t need Apple TV to be those devices.

For $300, I’ll dump my pics and flix to a 25cent dvd-r and play them on my dvd player.

Go buy a tvix media player for about the same price and it will play damn near anything including h.264