Apple TV question, and another synching problem



First, I keep reading there are apple TV profiles, but I can’t seem to find them. So i’m just a little confused.

In the mean time, i’m using another apple setting (I believe Iphone) and i’m having audio synching problems. I tried copying Talladega Nights and once you get about halfway through the movie the synching is all screwed up.

Any advice for either? How to fix the synching, and a good profile for the ATV?


The Apple TV profile is a device unto itself and not part of the device drop down selector with the other iPod profiles. To make it appear, use the CutomizeUI page in Common Settings; select DVD to Mobile; click the “New” button; select Apple TV from the drop down; click OK; highlight it (it should have appeared in the left hand window) and use the >> button to move it to the right. This process is illustrated with screen captures in the Tutorial.


thanks bud, any tips for the audio synching?


[QUOTE=hotrodguy;1995390]thanks bud, any tips for the audio synching?[/QUOTE]

The only program I could find that produces files for ATV that are in sync is Nero Recode. If you search google for ATV and recode you will find some posts out there somewhere that tell you what to check and uncheck. In theory, Quicktime pro should do it too.

Ultimately, I don’t use mine because I didn’t like the video quality (no where near HDTV nor even as good as DVD) and the hassle of using ITunes to sync. Instead I use a HTPC with Beyond TV/BeyondMedia . It plays DVDFab H.264’s with better lipsync than it plays H.264 files it encodes itself.



Yea, it just seemed to be the disc, I had a buddy try it with recode and it did the same thing

I’ve been using videora, handbrake, and dvdfab to do some experimenting on quality. I think i’ve finally got DVDfab to be NEAR dvd quality with a bitrate around 3700. I’ve got the 160GB ATV so I don’t have to sync much.

Thanks :slight_smile: