Apple TV Aspect Ratio Question

Not sure I’m even using the right terminology, but here goes…

I’ve copied a few DVDs for the purposes of moving them to our AppleTV. The copy runs great (I’m choosing the AppleTV option), but when we watch on the AppleTV the video has like a 5 inch black border ALL the way around.

The aspect ratio for the title says 16:9 (we have a 46 inch LCD), and I let DVDFab do the rest… What am I missing? I realize that the wide screen usually has a black bar on the top and bottom, but why on the left and right? It makes my big screen TV seem useless! :slight_smile:


I have a related question. The apect ratio doesn’t quite come out to 720 x 480, the way that I can define it in Handbrake. It seems I’m getting a larger black border at the top and bottom because of this issue?

Make sure that you crop the image, either manually or automatically, before the DVDFab conversion. If you do that, any black bars on the sides are the result of settings in the AppleTV or the monitor/TV set. The top and bottom black bars are normal unless the content exactly matches the native aspect ratio of the TV screen. If you want to fill the screen, you can do it either with “zoom” controls on the Apple(if it has them) or the TV. DVDFab has a Resize slider on the Advanced Resolution Settings screen that lets you encode an image (with some content chopped off the sides) that might work better, but this function is not active for the AppleTV profile. You might also try encoding at a higher screen size (resolution).