Apple TV adds streaming purchases & a Vimeo app

Apple TV adds streaming purchases & a Vimeo app.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple is now allowing Apple TV users who purchase content to stream that content from iCloud servers, rather than having to physically transfer data from a computer to the devices.

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Too late are you kidding?? It used to be a hobby with the previous generation device. With ATV2 Apple are finally taking it beyond the “hobby”. With airplay technology and over 200 million iOS devices out there now it may not be long before it takes off and Apple actually starts to market and promote it. At 100 bucks it’s a steal and a killer companion device for iPad and iPhone owners. You don’t need to purchase content. Apps that play AVI/XVID over AirPlay let you watch all your, um, “free” videos streamed from the device to the ATV. Pretty damn cool.

Aside form the ATV box, the ATV and AirPlay technology is going to be integrated into all kinds of 3rd party hardware soon (tv’s, receivers etc…)