Apple turns down Nine Inch Nails iPhone app

I just posted the article Apple turns down Nine Inch Nails iPhone app.

Popular band Nine Inch Nails has had its latest iPhone app update denied by Apple, which has caused frustration by the band’s singer and frontman, Trent Reznor.

"Apple rejects the NIN iPhone…

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Well i guess that Trent can dedicate “Head like a hole” to the guys @ the App Store :slight_smile:

Who cares, Nails can suck my sweaty balls. God listening to their music will make go on antidepressants or check in a psychaitric ward.

to shaolin007…If music alone makes you suicidal, require antidepressants or make you need mental care you are pretty weak-minded or you aleady have some serious issues that required those things to begin with.


You are kidding right? Yea ok, Nails is the epitome of joy and goodness. LOL, dude their music is dark, brooding, and definitely won’t “pick you up” in terms of mood. Thank god, for the good ole rock n’ roll.

Dude this newspost is not about whether you like NIN music

f*** mainstream america we should be able to listen to what we want to
censorship is just another form of communism

I disagree and without going into all their good animal songs (all I’m going to say :wink: ) and it really made Quake. Apple is just afraid of Trent’s acceptance of technology: he should be their next CEO :smiley: (just kidding about the CEO part)

Trent likes to give away music which does not fit in with the Apple business model :wink:

Reznor went on to encourage the crowd to "steal and steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealin’."
Sydney Morning Herald.

LOL, ok man, I will lay off the Nails. :cool: Its all kool.

That’s the problem with these centralized “App Stores”, the store owners have too much power. I really never understood the need for an “app store”. What’s the problem with each app having its own home page?

C’mon, hemi, shaolin was right on target. Why would Apple want an app on their phone that causes users to throw it to the ground and stomp on it in order to free themselves from the horrid cacophony that Reznor calls NIN? It’s not the brooding lyrics that make me want to die, it’s the promise of the auditory relief once I’m dead. I suppose one could just plunge screwdrivers through one’s eardrums instead.

@Icy Mt.
philips or flathead? :smiley: Torx might work well too. Perfect end to listening to industral music: It’s supposed to be that way. Post-blues (darn it if they don’t sing about depressing things too) Classical it’s not. :wink: at any rate this is about the iPhone application and not who’s music we like or don’t (to each his/her own). Apple does not like others “selling” their own brand via their trademarked “iPhone” unless it’s shake the baby or the fart thing. :rolleyes:

Dude again, this is not about whether you like NIN music. But since you are on the subject, you ask why would Apple want this since people would throw their phones and smash them? First off, i know a bunch off people that dont fit this profile; second even if they did, that would mean good business for Apple since they would buy another one after breaking it.

Apple should even give Trent a cut off the profits :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Icy Mt. was being facetious. But if he wasn’t, he at least was more articulate than me at expressing his disatisfaction. :slight_smile: Take it with a grain of salt.

@Icy Mt.and CDR Sam


I actually had to look up “facetious” :stuck_out_tongue:
I just hate it that I still have to look things up from time to time… Well I am also being facetious here, don’t worry :slight_smile:

Hey I just can’t contain myself: Trent just Tweeted me and Apple has accepted the new App. Trent Reznor NEWS FLASH: Apple has approved the NIN iPhone app update. Should be live in a few hours. (I thought Icy Mt. was very articulate and I was suggesting the right hardware for his operation)

@CDR Sam

Shhhh, don’t tell people about it for crying out loud!! :Z